Rockabilly is one of the earliest styles of rick and roll music, and emerged in the early 1950’s. The term ‘rockabilly’ is a mixture between rock from ‘rock and roll’ and hillbilly, the reference to the country music that contributed strongly to the styles development.

Jeans were generally a wardrobe staple and the cuff came naturally, as pants of the era were either hand-me-downs or purchased on the longer side for growing room. Wide cuffs were born of necessity, rather than for the sake of fashion, yet has transformed into a mainstay in rockabilly dressing to this day.  Shirts, sweaters and jackets were simple in colour and style, a cotton or gabardine button-down shirt or jacket wasn’t too pricey and not too flashy for the ”good guy” Guy’s shoe wear was simple: whatever was in the closet. Penny loafers were popular as were the standard black oxford.

For girls the look was full shirt dresses with lots of crinolines, flats or low heels and ponytails. It was an exaggerated version of the adults 50’s look with a girlie edge as they weren’t willing to tease their hair or channel bright red lipstick, bold prints and bright accessories.


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