Teddy boys

Teddy Boys

British Teds in NZ.jpg
Teddy Boys

(Edwardianteddyboy.com, 2016)

Teddy boys were around in the 1950’s in the UK. They were one of the first subcultures to celebrate their own individuals. The early Teddy boys listened to jazz and skiffle music but soon converted to the church of Elvis Presley and Bill Haley. They typically dressed themselves in narrow, drainpipe trousers which were short at the ankles, long loose jackets, these tended to have fur trimmings/velvet trimmings and shoes which had thick soles. They also wore very slim black ties, fancy waistcoats and gaudy socks.

There was only really one negative to the Teddy boys and that was because they formed gangs and were often involved in riots and clashes with rival groups, this caused a lot of issues on the streets.


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