MODERN.                 COSMOPOLITAN.                  COOL.                        POPULAR.

These are some of the words that characturise the Mod subculture. (, 2016)

Established in London, England after World War two, this youth subculture compromised of teens keen to exceed the monotonous working life of the 1950’s, aiming to achieve a more socially sophisticated, and fashionably stimulating life. As a way to escape, rebel and exert independence and family obligations, the mod scene gave young people a nonconformist view that blurred the lines of already established boundaries of previous generations.  Mods were able to buy some iconic elements recognised by the subculture. These included: Fahsionable, tailor-made suits, mood enhancing drugs(amphetamines were a popular choice) and imported transportation.  These were all supported by Englands economic prosperity, as many youth of working class families no longer needed to contribute to their household income.


Youths wanted to give off sophistication bywearing espensive clothing, they valued leisure over work and enjoyed clubbing and doing drugs. They enjoyed a heavy social and party life, they congregated in coffee shops that were open for long hours, they coffee shops which they attended usually included jukeboxes for dancing to a favourite genre of music, Jazz, blues and R&B. Vespas or lambrettas were a strong choice of the youths, they liked expensive cars so the italian made scooters were ideal.

Music influences

Key mod musicians were David Bowie, Miles Davis and John Coltrane, they were attracted to modern jazz. Mods slowly moved away from the 1950s music artists such as Frank sinatra and Elvis Presley. However, The Who were the most famous and most popular within this subculture. Hard mods, or Skinheads, were mods with shaved heads that grew up in low income neighbour hoods among black youth in South London. They enjoyed imitating African-American culture, and listened to early reggar, Jamacain ska and soul music.


Mods would spend every penny they had so that they could were tailor-made suits, narrow lapels, skinny ties, pointed shoes and pointed-collar shirts. Their fashion was very much influenced by the look of Italian and French television and movie stars.
Style and appearance were everything in this subculture.
They were considered egotistical as they were strongly focused of their physical appearances and dressed for show. It was important for mods to always look well-groomed and impeccable. They decided they would go against the gener norms by wearing eyeshadow, eyeliner and sometimes lipstick.

Female mod – The female mod consists of short haircuts, mens trousers or short, a line skirts. they would wear little makeup: pale foundation, lipstick and mascara). The skirts became shorter and more popular within the communities, this is when companies started to make more meaning the female mods would resort to mens trousers.


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