Collaboration with Design and Textiles students…

Our task waste create a styling shoot and editorial with other students to get experience in various areas such as styling, working with others and compromises.
Since we were all studying either Goth, Punk or Grunge we were all put together to produce this work, we first found this difficult as we all had our own directions of which we wanted to take our ideas. Most people would think that Goth, Punk and Grunge would go hand-in-hand with one another however, we found, as a group of nine people, this was difficult so to resolve this, we began by creating a series of mood boards each which we wanted to base our project around. moodboard-1.jpg

A variety of words kept repeating themselves as people were discussing their ideas: Juxtaposition, Controversy, Bondage, Opposition. As a group were decided these were the main points we were going to base our styling editorial on. We looked into controversial styles, underwear as outerwear, wedding dresses with flannel shirts for inspiration.

We then found ourselves experimenting with clothing we owned between us and came up with various styles we could use for our photoshoot.

When it came to the shoot day we used yellow, white and pink as backgrounds, the reason we chose to use such bright colours against our theme is so we could get that juxtaposition and controversy in our theme.

We used various garments, accessories and poses to see what worked the best. Below are some unedited images for our editorial.


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