For my photoshoot, I have planned to do a location shoot. I want somewhere that isn’t pristine and has a rough appeal to it. I want somewhere that has brick work, maybe barbed wire, this will exaggerate my theme that little bit more and somewhere out of the way, the reason for this is because my chosen subculture is Punks and they wouldn’t ‘hang’ around or be seen to be associated in the area. Below are places around London I thought would be appropriate for my shoot.

Moodboard places.jpg


As for hair style and make-up, I want the hair to be messy and big and the make-up to be dark and smokey. I have below, created two mood boards (Hair followed by makeup)  of styles I’m interested in creating or experimenting with. I don’t want anything too over the top due to the fact that I want the whole look to link together and the focus to be on the look as a whole, not just the hair or make-up, I want to create a realistic Punk style so their will not be any exaggerated elements across the whole look. 


Moodboard hair copy.jpg


Moodboard makeup

As for poses, I want it to be very natural, I don’t want it to be fully forced. Below i have congregated various images of poses i’m interested in a think they could work, within i have included head shots and close ups, this is because I want to include these within my final Zine as the punks added various elements to they clothing or makeup routines such as safety pins and magnify certain elements of them e.g. Jewellery.

Moodboard Poses.jpg






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