Internship Diary.

Monday 3rd April

I started my week of by arriving at uni for 9:30. I wasn’t assigned a 3rd year to work with so my job was to float around and ask the 3rd years if they needed any more help than their assigned 1st years. I was asked straight away to work with one girl, Sophie as her intern wasn’t able to make it, She showed me her final line up and explained her reasonings behind it and asked me to pattern cut and construct one of her toilet. She was extremely welcoming and helpful with the process. She would show me each step and explain what was going to be the result. I ended up making her hoodie which was one of three elements to one outfit. When this was done around 4:30 I went to help a person called Denzil, He needed me to trace his adjusted patterns out separately onto fresh paper ready to make his garments, adding seam allowance and notches onto them. Around 6, once I had finished everything Denzil wanted me to do, I went back to Sophie to make sure she didn’t need anything else done, she said no, So that was the end of the day for me. 

Tuesday 4th April

This morning started off slow, I got into uni at 9:30, there wasn’t many third years in that already didn’t have their assigned helpers, so i tried to make myself busy by helping one of the other girls interning, she was making a moodboard on Pinterest for her 3rd year. The third year she was working with asked me to do another job for her, it was to cut another waistband out of her fabric using her pattern along with another little section from the same fabric which had poppers on already. After doing this, another 3rd year, Sebastian, asked me to go to a warehouse to collect something for him as his assigned 3rd year didn’t turn up and wasn’t answering his messages, I headed off to Hendon tube and headed to a warehouse called Conrado which was set on a large business park.

 When returning I helped a girl called Alyaa. I was helping her 1st year Mattie cut strips from fabric for her final garment, she wanted to attach them onto a mesh fabric creating a frayed fabric detail. Finally to finish my day, I went back to my first 3rd year Sophie and she gave myself and two others a tutorial on how to properly sew sequins and beads onto fabric as for one of her final garments she wants to cover the whole thing in them creating a leopard print pattern across the whole garment. 


Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th, Friday 7th April

For this section of my diary I am including 3 days in one, it is a very short section due to the fact what we were doing was he same every single day. I decided to team up with the 3rd year I originally was working with; Sophie for these three days as she needed a small team of interns to help out with a tedious but therapeutic task. She asked us to do some sequining on one of her garments,  It doesn’t sound like much however, it did take 3 of us 3 days 9am-5pm to complete the garment.


Week Commencing 24th April

This was the week of the show, this was also the first week back after easter so all 3rd years were excited to see all of the first years who actually turned up. I spent the week helping Sophie create her final garments ready for the show on Thursday 28th April. This included sewing the ribbing, inserting zips, finalising all beading, heming garments and adding clips and buckles to final elements to her collection. 



On show day there was a lot of waiting around. I turned up just before 8:30 and until 4:30 I had done absolutely nothing. However half an hour before the show i was asked to help backstage with someone who was struggling to dress which i was more than happy to do. I had to figure out in a very short space of time what i had to do, it was fast pace and there was a lot of pressure to get everything right for the show but we managed to do it and we managed to create a show which was just incredible. 


Week commencing 1st May

This week was the week that we found out who made it to the press show.

I received a text from Sophie as soon as she found out Monday that she had gotten through to the show. So starting Tuesday I was to come in and start with her 3 brand new outfits ready for the 2nd June. This week consisted of pattern drafting, pattern cutting and sewing together the toiles that hadn’t been made previously ready for the pattern cutting and making of the final garment.


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